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To ship or not to ship

Posted by Gary Lavin on Mar 27, 2020 8:21:46 AM

When a customer asks for toner do you always ship what they ask for. How do you keep it a positive experience for the customer while ensuring their contract is still profitable.To Ship

We have multiple processes to help with customers using too much toner, ID758 tells you about your biggest problems in this area, ID315 tells you every time an order is created and there's a problem, ID350 is an App your order entry people can have open while the customer is on the phone so you can review all the "problems".

We are wondering if we can automate this review process. Our process ID742 takes an eInfo quote and converts it to a sales order, filling in missing data and has the option to put the order on hold if there is excessive use. For ID 315 our default settings are to notify if black coverage is at least double what it should be, color at least 40% more than it should (there are 3 colors to 1 black so you care more) and the overall profit on the contract is less than 50%.

Trying to understand all the variables and the possible outcomes. Aside from above there are probably "special" customers who always get what they ask for, what else? Then what happens, do you reduce the quantity, not ship at all? ID200 will send a confirmation email to whoever placed the order when it ships, including tracking information. Could we include a message on that email explaining why we didn't send what they ordered, to keep that positive experience!

Should ID350 create the supplies order, or is it better to just take the order and explain in the email? ID350 does also tell you about customer holds and meters needed for billing. Feedback please!