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Posted by Gary Lavin on Jul 23, 2021 7:21:14 AM

The EUG conference is scheduled for Monday, October 18th through Thursday, October 21st, at The Sheraton Hotel in Salt Lake City. Click here to access the registration page and more information. Here are the topics CEO Juice will be covering during the week and on our Juice Day on Thursday.

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  • Quarterly Business Reviews in a Power BI Dashboard
    • Customized for each customer
  • Dashboard for customer retention, Net Promoter Score and Contracts Lost & Won
    • “80% of your company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers”
    • "A 5% increase in retention can result in a 50 to 100% increase in profit"
  • Dashboards for service and finance
  • NAIC & ways to segment your current customers and cross sell
  • Address Correction Shipping charges and how to avoid them
    • The fee for a UPS address correction is $15.90 per package, we see clients paying hundreds per month
  • Excessive toner use - best practice
  • DCA intelligence
    • Meters in from many sources, audited and predictive alerts
    • non managed device alerts also
    • Support for hosted FMA with ID350
  • Notify tech
    • All the info a tech needs before heading to a call, do they have predicted parts needed in stock etc
  • Have your customers pay you online and avoid high ACH & credit card fees
    • How to have your cake and eat it
  • PSA Integration (ConnectWise / AutoTask)
  • Managed IT best practice
  • 3rd Party ticketing integration
    • Let your customer's ticketing system update eAuto
  • Just in time toner orders
    • Refined by intelligent quote conversion
  • Lists & Codes - correct settings to choose
  • The equipment order lifecycle, workflow & status
  • ITT best practices incl. call syncing with ID890
  • HP Amplify Reporting - best practices
  • Notify when tech is dispatched with Datablaze

Click here for the Agenda.

We will be sponsoring the App again, details to come.


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