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Deciding who to use for out of territory service

Posted by Gary Lavin on Jul 3, 2019 8:58:33 AM

Our ID890 process will sync meters and service calls for equipment not serviced by you, we have been asked to expand that to allow dealers to search for partners to service their ShipOuts. We added a new section under Profile called About, where you can let us know what manufacturers you service, what states you cover and whether or not you would want to share your Net Promoter Score with potential ITT partners. Note you must be logged in to see NPS scores and you can only see others as long as you are sharing yours.


We also have a place for you to tell us what Dealer Groups you are members of as we know group members tend to look within their group 1st.


The Search feature is still a work in progress but available from ID890 on our site.


Again only available when logged in;

We also added a section where you can tell us what CRM you use, meter collection software etc to help us make you aware of processes in these areas.


We have had a suggestion to also show what services you offer, MPS, MIT, Telephony etc. Let us know in comments if you would like this. Also feedback on whether you think people would share Net Promoter Scores would be great!

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