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Staying safe AND Productive

Posted by Gary Lavin on Mar 19, 2020 9:02:33 PM

In these uncertain times as we all hold our breath to see what happens with the Coronavirus it can be tough to stay focused. With most offices closed and everyone working from home people can get distracted and just listen to all the bad news daily. With no knowledge on when we can get back to normal the Juice team wonders if now might be a good time for some housekeeping, keeping employees productive while working from home.Review

Our team is available to walk your contract team through how to check that all contracts are set up and billing correctly and ensure you have a plan to fix the problem ones. We can walk your service manager through the technician numbers and areas and processes that could be improved, maybe look at 2019 in total. Getting accounts receivable cleaned up might be a useful exercise, we can help. Maybe it’s time to consolidate those contracts where there are multiple eAuto contracts for 1 physical one and contract profitability reports are tough. Training your sales team on selling NPS numbers and not just the same "best service".

Programs like this work best if the person at the top gets and stays involved, we’re happy to do a couple of weekly meets while things are quiet. Maybe you need training in a certain area, all this is included in the fee you pay us. As we are a virtual company, we are used to working remote and have tips in that area. We can hold your team accountable.

So while most of us are treating this like a "Snow day" as we wonder what the future holds, why not task your team with finding lost revenue or missed inefficiencies, you are paying them anyway!

Or we can get a message out to all your customers or add an attachment on Covid 19 to the emails we send when the tech is on the way to your customer or any of our emails to your customers.

We have some ideas we are exploring to help you get into managed IT, we all know it's the future and right now while your customers don't need many copies they do need help with working remote. There are some companies that you can outsource this to, you don't have to have the staff, plus we are chatting to a couple about getting breaks. Why not say to your customers "I know you are paying us a base rate for copies you can't use, how about we allow you to move a portion to our Managed IT division?"

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