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Chat GPT for dealers & your customers

Posted by Gary Lavin on Jan 21, 2024 4:51:23 PM

I am a big fan of Marcus Sheridan's book, They Ask, You Answer, any owner looking to expand marketing should read it.

For our clients getting into marketing I have been saying for years to stop sales reps attaching PDFs in emails to prospects and instead include links to the information. This has several advantages, the sales rep can see who clicks the link and this will help with your CRM adoption. It forces you to document information correctly and you know the rep is passing accurate information. 

They Ask

It also means you are building up a library of important documents. The concept behind Marcus' book is that you should think of all the questions a prospect might search for and then post the answers on your website. Don't rely on your manufacturer to say which model is best, you write the blog. If you write it well and without bias, then lots of people will read it and then Google will serve you up higher in the results.

Most of you will have played with ChatGPT and realize its value. ChatGPT just looks at everything online and tries to answer your question and it is getting better every day. It is possible to have a private version of ChatGPT that is trained on data you specify. Instead of searching the entire internet, it just looks at the few databases you specify. CEO Juice has implemented this private version and we want you to try it out!

Our Juice data is mostly stored on our website, but we also use Zendesk for documentation, ConnectWise for tickets and various other places. Even these blogs have data you might want to see results from. Our website now has a chat link, powered by GPT4. GPT 1-1


We think that in the long term, we can make available a version of this to our clients. You then decide what data to train it on and add a Chat Widget to your website. Ideally, we get manufacturer data included so the end user can ask "How do I change a toner on ABC Model".

We are also finalizing a Microsoft Teams integration so customers who can't find the answer they want can get a live person or open a ticket.

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