Toner Techs

Posted by Gary Lavin on Jul 28, 2015 1:45:00 PM


For MPS contracts we have a few clients who have people to deliver toner and do some very basic maintenance, mostly cleaning. They also can check toner stock, collect meters and ensure that your toner is only going in to equipment under contract with you.

These people are not technicians and therefore get paid quite a bit less. The supplies they deliver gets relieved from their inventory via a service call rather than a normal supply order. This means that our current Excessive Toner alert (ID315) will not flag these.

We don't see many people using this process and wonder what everyone thoughts are. We could look at building an excessive toner alert to the tech or other alerts around best practice but wanted to know how many people are currently using this this. Please comment if you are and would like us to work on this.

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