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Strategies for getting great content on your website

Posted by Suzanne Seavey on Oct 19, 2017 9:27:09 AM

Many dealers new to the concept of Inbound Marketing struggle trying to decide where to start with content to add to their site. We highly recommend reading “They Ask, You Answer” by Marcus Sheridan.

One option to get your content started is to look at the questions your sales reps are asked by prospects.

Perhaps start by having reps BCC a sales admin person every they respond to prospect’s questions. The goal would be to document that “answer” on a blog doing a very thorough explanation. So that next time the sales person would just include a short summary answer with a link to the blog. You can then set up tools like HubSpot to notify the rep on the account when they read that blog and even see where else they went etc. Once reps see this feedback they will be eager to use this process. It also gives sales management extra insight in to what prospects are doing and who is a real prospect.

As an example say a prospect asks to speak to some references, rather than the rep scrambling around to see who is good to call perhaps they could respond with something like this;

Happy to get you some references, can you start with this link please.

(The above link is how CEO Juice does this.)

Also if your reps are attaching documents especially to emails, start with that. No more attached brochures, performance guarantees, SLA etc, everything should be a link.


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