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Q2 2021 news & releases

Posted by Sharon Stretton on Jul 12, 2021 1:15:19 PM

2nd Quarter Updates


New Processes

  • No new process in Q2.CW [2]

ConnectWise Integration Updates

  • We continue to add to all 5 sync areas.
  • Company Sync (ID747)
    • We added the option to push companies from eAuto to Manage, primarily for clients going live on CW Mange, this would be one of the 1st steps in implementing Manage.
    • Added the option to push individual companies from eAuto to Manage based on a custom property on the eAuto company record.
  • Agreement Sync (ID964)
    • Mostly bug fixes around character limitations between CW and eAuto fields.
    • Deposit contracts, better support for time and for dollar contracts.
  • Service & Ticket sync (ID965)
    • More support to match bill codes between systems. 
  • Sales Order Sync (ID966)
    • Added support for syncing notes from CW orders to eAuto. Sync for ship methods.
  • Moving Calls (ID912)
    • Needs more beta testers please.

PowerBi Updates

  • ID771 Power BI Service MIF & Profitability Dashboard – Finalized, out of Beta
  • ID774 Quarterly Business Review in a Power BI Dashboard (released in Beta)

Major Revision Updates

  • ID398 Update Meters from Emails
    • Major Rework to use Mapping App, Added Parsers
  • ID256 Big Overage Bill
    • Converted from a Crystal Custom Report to SSRS