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ID765 - Request Online Recommendation

Posted by Suzanne Seavey on Nov 6, 2017 3:24:57 PM

Studies like this will show that a Google+ page with positive reviews has a big impact on your page rankings. Said another way, search results for your company will show higher if your company has positive reviews on your Google+ page. This process will help you get positive reviews on your Google+ page.

 If you don’t yet have a Google+ page go here to register, or email me and I will help.

 This process will email people who have responded giving you a 9 or 10 on the Net Promoter Score. You can choose just a 9 or 10, a 10 only or a 10 and must have left a comment.



Saying something like “glad to see you are enjoying our service, it would make our day if you could post on our Google+ page here”.

You can also include links to Yelp, Facebook or anywhere else.

Do this now before your competition gets started. This process has been available from Juice for four years and yet only 5% of our clients are using it!


 Ensure you have a way to report




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