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2023 NPS Awards Are Out!

Posted by Astrid Sloan on Jan 4, 2024 4:24:52 PM
Astrid Sloan

CEO Juice announces the winners of the NPS awards for 2023!


World Class Service 2023A Perfect Score Service 2023Top 10 Service 2023

See the awards for the previous year here (2022).
Add /2021 to any of our pages to see winners for previous years, for example: https://ceojuice.com/nps/awards/worldclass/2021

For 2023 to qualify for Top Ten is an NPS of 97.31 and above, for 2022 the top 10 was 97.34 and above, (for 2021 the top 10 was 96.0 and above).

Award Definitions:

World Class winners

Juice Top 10 winners

A Perfect Score

You can see the scores by country and state here.

To see all the awards a dealer has qualified for go to https://ceojuice.com/nps/awards/worldclass and click on a company name (requires subscription to ID230)

Gary wants to remind you on his favorite NPS quote:
"Reminder, the goal is not to have a high Net Promoter Score number, the goal is to have a bunch of raving fans as customers that makes it easy for your sales team to get more business. NPS just tells you how well you are doing!"


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Share NPS Score with your customers:

1. Show your dynamic "certified" NPS score on your website like here  (requires ID230 subscription).


or show how many awards you have achieved.


2. Include NPS award logo as a signature block with a link to award details, get your logo here (requires ID102 subscription).



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