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Happy New Year & 2023 Review

Posted by Sharon Stretton on Jan 5, 2024 1:31:18 PM

Happy Holidays from your CEO Juice Team!  

As the New Year begins, we would like to share a summary of what we rolled out this last year in case you missed anything along the way. 


With your 2023 calendar year closed, we highly recommend updating your 2023 Holiday Schedule in eAuto (use ID70 to be reminded) and using alert ID71 to prepare your 1099's. Maybe set a budget for 2024 with ID40?



ID669 is a process to allow your customers to pay you online with ACH or Credit Card options. As technology companies, customers expect to be able to pay you online easily and with options. This process will allow you to offer that for less than the cost of a stamp. We are partnered with nmi.com and the link will allow your customers to pay with either a credit card for a fee (we add a fee to the credit card option to cover your cost) or ACH for free.  


  • ID824 Contract Termination Date vs Lease Termination Date

Best practice is to have contracts set to expire when the actual lease expires, typically 3 or 5 years. However, many clients have them expire each year or leave the expire box unchecked (evergreen). This process will list contracts that do not match the lease expiration and update the Contract Expiration date for you. We install in Test Mode first, so you can review the list and process first.


  • ID437 Email Invoices from the Document Queue
 This process emails invoices from the document queue to customers, including custom invoices while providing you ability to customize the email content, verbiage, branding (unlike standard eAgent task). It is an eAgent replacement for emailing invoices. It will include the link to the payment portal if you are using our payment process (ID669). It will be installed in test mode so you can review before sending to customers. Once you're ready to go live you'll need to disable you're current eAgent task that emails invoices from the document queue.


  • ID749 eAuto Meter Reading Tables "Bloat" Prevention

Bloat (too many records) in eAuto's Meter Reading tables are a serious source of performance issues for larger clients, or clients who have been on eAuto for a long while. This process runs monthly to purge unneeded Meter Readings from the tables (indexes are updated nightly), keeping those tables smaller and performing better. 'Unneeded' is defined as Meter Readings over X months old which are not tied to a Contract Billing or Service Call and are not the most recent read for the meter in question.

  • ID436 Brother Equipment Sales Report
As part of Brother's Value Print Program, they require detailed information be provided monthly by their partners in order to receive a 3-year warranty on their Brother printers and MFPs. Once the data is received by the Brother DSM, it is sent to corporate to upload into their system. This is used to manage how they provide technical support to partners. Unfortunately, if this information is not received and the serial number is not registered, the partner's warranty support is denied. As you can imagine it creates support delays which they want to eliminate. The goal to automate this process and ultimately make it easier for partners. This process will email the report in the correct format for Brother so you can simply forward the report to Brother.




  • ID747 ConnectWise Customer Module

2023.11.21 – Added e-mail notification when a company or site is updated or inserted in ConnectWise. Added no update mode to only populate custom property in e-automate and make no changes to the company record in ConnectWise. (Option set in variable 8). Added Sales Rep mapping from e-automate to custom fields in ConnectWise. Performance improvements.

  • ID965 ConnectWise Service Module
2023.02.20 - Changes to support sync only after CW Invoicing is complete, support for edge cases where Agreement attached to Time Entry does not match Agreement attached to Ticket header, support for syncing to Sites instead of Companies in EA, improved error-catching and error-reporting

  • ID912 ConnectWise Service Calls Moving Between eAuto and ConnectWise
Initial Release


  • ID966 ConnectWise Sales Module Integration
2023.08.18 - Correction to Sales Rep Mapping


  • ID747 ConnectWise Customer Module

2023.11.21 – Added e-mail notifications



Customers finally live on our AT Contract sync!



  • ID772 Power BI Inventory
2023.11.30 - Optimized Sales Orders Dataset - Bug fix on Wholesale dataset for Clients Running on Different Schema, Optimized 'Inventory Ledger' Dataset / Reduced Refresh Time, Optimized 'Dead / Stale' KPIs calculations, Removed HTML Viz Creator Custom Visual and Replaced with Native PBI Visual, General Report Revamp.
2023.09.22 - Added 'Wholesale Inventory' section / added tab in item profile - Added 'At risk items for becoming obsolete' section - Bugfix on Physical Inventory report sections for clients missing physical Inventory counts / Added Bin status filter in Bins not counted in last N days report / Added Allocated quantity in 'Inventory Development & Movement by Custom Attributes' & 'Inventory Development & Movement by Inventory Code' reports


  • ID517 Power BI Sales Order Insights

2023.08.04 - Added 'Potential GL Contribution' based on SODetail GLID, Added 'Open Orders Planning' Report, Added linked Service Calls to Sales Orders, Added 'Custom - Profit - Tabular (by Fiscal Period)' Report, Bug fix on 'Sales Overview (Daily)' & 'Sales Dashboard' due to database collation

2023.05.31 – General report revamp – Implemented Near Real Time reporting with background processes


  • ID774 Power BI Customer Business Review
2023.12.31 – General Report Revamp / Added geocoding / Embed to Power Point
2023.09.22 - Bug fix on surveys dataset to handle duplicates in the cases of (1) Test Surveys (2) CW Surveys


  • ID770 Power BI Financial Report

2023.12.15 - Bug fix on Open A/R Aging Buckets, Income Statement, and RLS/OLS Functionality
10.31 - Added 'Forecasts vs Budget *** Graphical view' report *** select any PnL Entity (Revenue, CoGs, Margin, Expenses, Income etc.) and predict to the end of the fiscal year - Added RLS and OLS Support - Added 13th fiscal period support
2023.10.04 - Bug fix on 2023.09.22 revision for GL data *** GL Data dataset was truncated upon report refresh. As a result Income statement and Balance Sheet reports were empty
2023.09.22 - Changed variance (vs previous periods) colors based on Account Type - Changed budget fulfillment representation based on Account Type - Added Custom Account Group #2 - Added Branch & Balance Sheet Groups in 'General Ledger Details' report - Added Income Statement KPIs in 'Budget Analysis' report - Added Ratio trends in all 'Financial Business Ratios' reports - Added 'Budget Allocations (ID40') report section

  • ID281 Power BI Customer Retention Rate

2023.05.31 - Added 12M rolling customer retention dashboard AND Minor UI Changes

  • ID771 Power BI Profit Analysis

2023.05.31 - Added 'Custom - Tabular (Slice by any dimension)' report / Bug fix in ranking patterns in 'Contracts that need an action plan (ID768)'and Customers to review (ID768)' & 'Equipment to Review' reports / Added Create my Dashboard (Contracts that need an action plan).

  • ID704 Power BI Financial Performance Benchmarking (The Model

2023.09.22 - Added Rolling months slicer (where applicable), Bug fix on footing error in 'Model Analysis' report (SBA & BMK), Bug fix on SBA model for cases when Amount are being moved from Revenue to Expense accounts and vise versa, Changed Variance colors based on Account type.

  • ID147 Power BI Non Managed Devices

2023.09.22 - Initial Release

  • ID28 Power BI Tech Productivity and Equipment Efficiency

2023.10.16 - Bug fix on Parts Variance Calculation, Modified dataset to avoid refresh failures for dealers operating on a 13 fiscal period calendar, Minor UI / UX changes / additions
2023.09.22 - Added 'Callbacks vs Original Calls' section - Changed 'Gross CPD' calculation *** Gross CPD = Total Calls / Net workdays - Added additional equipment level filters (Equipment Status & Equipment Condition) - Added additional contract level filters (Contract BillCode) - Added Call Description & Notes in Call details pages - Added 'Incomplete Code' & 'Incomplete Reason' as parameters in custom report pages - Added 'Parts Usage last N days' in tech current stock levels report and date that the part was last used *** days for usage are controlled by a slider - In tech current stock levels highlighted parts when On hand - Allocated qty > Stock max
06.20 - Added new calculation on Average CBC (Clicks between calls) *** Added Average CBC in 'Tech Analytics' summary report page - Added new calculation for Avg. Start / Avg. End *** for Avg. Start we ignore working days for which first labor entry is 'Unavailable / for Avg. End we ignore working days for which last labor entry is 'Unavailable

  • ID411 Power BI Dealer Group Wholesale Inventory

2023.10.18 - Initial Release

  • ID568 Power BI eAuto User Activity Trends (and eView)

2023.11.02 - General Power BI Report Revamp according to latest PBI updates / additions. No changes to eView

  • ID464 Power BI Survey Results
2023.11.30 - General Report Revamp, Bugfix on Key Influencers Report Pages, UI/UX changes with the Latest PBI features



All the DCA IDs have been reconfigured to also pull down the necessary info to support ID350 Supply Order Entry App, ID634 Sales Order Import Utility and ID147 Power BI Non Managed Devices.

Performance was greatly increased on MPSM, KPAX and EKM. ID968 Insert Meter Readings from External Sources has a ton more error-catching and performance improvements. ID30 Supplies Network API Integration (In Development) went into beta. ID240 Kyocera Fleet Services API Integration is in development, ID32 Sharp API Integration and ID126 B2B Toolbox Integration were created.  We started scoping out projects to connect with Synnex and Sharp for Sales Orders, these are still in the planning stages.




  • ID16 Dispatched/OnSite After Hours - Escalated to Manager
    • 2023.01.10 - Updated forum post link and other general cleanup, no changes to functionality
  • ID316 Toner Items Missing Copy Yields or Usage Limit Meter Types
    • 2023.01.12 - Updated verbiage and forum post links, no changes to functionality.
  • ID23 Supplies Shipped at $0 but not linked to a Contract on the Order
    • 2023.01.27 - Changed documentation links and verbiage, no changes to functionality.
  • ID900 Financial Performance Benchmarking (The Model)
    • 2023.02.03 - Numerous formatting changes, added BMK model and SBA2023, and added Contribution Table and Benchmark Table.
  • ID909 Financial Performance Model Income Statement
    • 2023.02.03 - Added distinct pages for service, supplies, and a combined aftermarket dept.  Made minor formatting changes.
  • ID910 Financial Performance Model Account Allocation Report
    • 2023.02.03 - Added an easily sortable list, identify last time the combination of account. dept, and branch were used, and added how much was recorded over the last 12 months.
  • ID939 Request for Contract Invoices via CRM
    • 2023.02.10 - Bug fixes and enhancements: (1) Rebuild of process so it will send your custom Contract Invoice format (if used) in place of eAuto boilerplate form, (2) New Variable1 option to include zero dollar invoices (defaults to NOT send), (3) Fixed VariableW so will provide more than 3-months of invoices, (4) will send if customer on invoice isn't parent customer
  • ID289 Customers with AR Past Due More than Usual
    • 2023.02.23 - Variable X is now able to accept decimals (2.00) or a whole number (2)
  • ID101 Excessive Service Calls or CallBacks
    • 2023.03.01 - Added call back clicks and call alert clicks to output. Added call type and previous call number to output
  • ID294 Calls on Hold Starting With
    • 2023.03.08 - Added send to tech/tech manager, added branch roles and Variable option for branch limitation. Corrected bug in variables so correctly considers 'string starts with' On Hold codes.
  • ID200 Send Supply Shipment Email with Tracking Details to Customers
    • 2023.03.14 - Pulling Ship To Contact from sales order line items instead of fulfillment. No longer repeats in Test mode on the 2nd run of the day
  • ID181 To notify customers when a service call is Opened/Dispatched/Closed/Canceled/Invoiced
    • 2023.03.14 - New Variables for branching limitation, optional eInfo verbiage on output (via Variable4), and option to exclude Datablaze tracking link on tech's dispatched call (via Variable5).
  • ID667 Update Service Leases in eAuto
    • 2023.03.23 - Fixed issue where blank lease company equipment serial number caused a mismatch against eAuto equipment in lease asset list when adding new lease record. Also fixed bug with ignore first 3-digits lease number feature.
  • ID978 HubSpot and eAuto Integration
    • 2023.03.29 - Minor updates for entity relationships
  • ID293 Contract Equipment not in any Meter Group
    • 2023.04.10 - Bug Fix correcting a process that caused the alert to not send any output
  • ID56 New OnHold for Parts (WP/BadSync ) Call Just Created
    • 2023.04.21 - Added VariableY to exclude Call Type(s), added new columns showing in stock details, and last 6-months usage. Please be sure to review your variables to ensure process is working best for your business process.
  • ID176 Call Opened/Closed alert on New Equipment within X Days of Install
    • 2023.04.25 - Bugfix so now considers Service Call Open / Close Date, not Invoice Date.
  • ID266 Notify Sales of Service Call Status by Call Type (or for ALL Install Category Types)
    • 2023.05.11 - Bug fixes to trigger on serviceable items, incorporate accurate call statuses, and duplicating output.  Added cloning feature, VariableY to limit branches, send to Branch Roles function, and removed send from tech feature. Be sure to review your variable settings and take advantage of the cloning function as needed!
  • ID348 Update Reps on Equipment Orders
    • 2023.05.15 - Bugfix to allow alert to trigger on different main statuses even if the detailed status has already triggered for a different main status
  • ID172 Tech Status Report, highlights MIA (not Dispatched or Arrived at Site)
    • 2023.05.25 - Added Cloning functionality, added VariableY for branch exclusion, added branch roles, and now will send individual email to tech if they are MIA. Bugfix to duplicate entries.
  • ID479 Mark Contact Records Inactive
    • 2023.06.26 - Bugfix to consider contacts associated with newer eAuto versions (i.e. Equipment Shipping Contact, AP Vendor Billing Contact, All Customer Record Contacts). See documentation link for details
  • ID270 Sales Order Released from Hold
    • 2023.07.17 - Checkbox TO/CC weren't wired up correctly, this revision fixes so recipients in those boxes will receive emails, Added VariableY to limit by Order Type, Added order type and branch columns to alert email.
  • ID735 Checks Existing Contact Records for Duplicates
    • 2023.08.11 - Changed the default schedule to outside of regular business hours due to performance issues on larger datasets.
  • ID156 Mark Customers Inactive
    • 2023.08.25 - Added function to exclude Customer Types (via VarZ), Added ability to send to by branch as separate emails (via Var1), Bugfix to VarW which was incorrectly set to 12-months regardless of client variable setting - will now look to VarW # of months no activity
  • ID828 Using Multiple eAuto Licenses (Same User Logged in Multiple Times)
    • 2023.09.29 - No changes to functionality or output, just a backend bugfix to address a missing column.
  • ID305 Validate Email Address Field on all Contact Records
    • 2023.10.16 - Added review of Other Emails field on Contact Record, added quarterly email for ALL qualifying records (1st of January, April, July, and October). Changes to subscription recipients, so please review: The TO email receives the Daily Summary and the Quarterly Complete List Emails, the To Creator and/or To Branch Role(s) receive daily emails specific to their role ONLY, and the CC/BCC/Teams Channel is copied on daily emails sent to creator and/or branch role emails. 
  • ID634 Sales Order Import Utility
    • 2023.10.19 - added functionality to a) add additional sales reps  b) update sales order custom properties c) add sales order notes d) create service calls from crm requestID652 Direct Sales Order Enhancement
    • 2023.11.21 - Bugfix to ensure using correct Bill Code from Contract Record, Added Variable7 to override Bin AND Variable9 option to change Order Type. 
  • ID311 HP SDS Action Center & MPS Monitor API Integration
    • 2023.12.04 - Bug fixes to duplicate meter readings from API and future dating of meter readings, integrates with ID634/Sales Order Import Utility and ID350/Supply Entry App, General Performance Improvements.
  • ID8 New Service Calls & Sales Orders On Credit Hold + VariableW On Hold Codes
    • 2023.12.12 - Added cloning feature and option to report on Service Calls and/or Sales Orders (via VariableY). This gives you the ability to send notice to different recipients based on VariableW On Hold Code(s) and/or VariableY Transactions Types. Update your subscription today! Also changed reporting Bill To so it reflects transaction's Bill To, not Customer's Bill To. 
  • ID896 Supply Delivery Distribution Labels (Zebra GC420d or ZD220 / ZD220D Printer)
    • 2023.12.19 - Now supporting Zebra ZD220 / ZD220D Thermal USB Barcode Label Printer (Zebra GC420d model is discontinued). Nothing needed from CEO Juice, our documentation link (below) provides all info on printer settings needed.
  • ID593 Service Call that's a possible Sales Lead
    • 2023.12.22 - Added Variable6 to exclude devices to report on, Added Variable7 to send to contract or customer sales rep, Added Variable8 to determine start date for equipment age, Corrected logic for VariableY and VariableZ when the value is zero, Email output now includes latest meter read.