ID28 - Tech Productivity and Equip Efficiency

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Version 2024.01.31

Current Version Updates:

  • Added Average Parts Cost per Call in 'Tech Productivity' report sections
  • Added 'Exclude / Include Travel' slicer in tech analytics section landing page
  • Added 'Daily Carry Over Calls' report under Service Reports
  • Decommissioned 'Daily Carry Overs' and replaced with 'Daily Call Load' Report
  • Added 'Call Type Analysis' report under Service Reports
  • Simplified functionality in 'Custom Reports'
  • Added 'Reschedules vs Incomplete Calls' Report
  • Added missing KPIs to 'Custom Reposts' dynamic parameters
  • Added 'Call Type filters' to the 'Tech / Team Comparison' report page
  • Added 'Service Reports by Rolling Months (for Dashboards & Metrics in PBI service)'

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