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Juice day at EUG 2020

Posted by Gary Lavin on Feb 26, 2020 9:06:50 AM

The eAutomate User Group meeting is Monday April 20th (details) and the Juice day is Thursday the 23rd. We start at 10AM to give the steering committees a chance to join.EUG logo

We typically start with a session called Futures, the new stuff we are working on, then move on to a session on Favorites, key stuff everyone should be using. We may change that up this year, there is a lot to cover, plus I'm looking for some feedback before we finalize things.

1) A major project for us this year is to try to get away from emails to Tasks. With Tasks we don't overload your inbox plus we can check if anyone is completing them. Lots to chat on with tasks, more here.

2) ID815 is our IFTTT App. For those not in the know If This Then That is true automation, the closest we have to artificial intelligence right now. In theory you could define every aspect of your business with IFTTT but here are a couple of examples.

When all items for an order are received set up the shop service call to build the unit, when that's complete set up the delivery call and change these status etc. etc.

When a sales quote comes in from this specific place (eInfo, Clover, etc) convert it to a sales order as long as the contract profit is above X and pick this warehouse etc.

3) Integrations!
We have integrations today with UPS, Fedex, HubSpot, various CRMs, leasing companies, other eAuto DBs (ID890). We just finished up integrations with ServiceNow, Freshdesk and have started a ConnectWise integration.

4) We are tracking Net Promoter Scores for the industry, rolled out some awards and are pushing "certified" data to client's web sites.

5) We rolled out "Related Items" last year where we stored all the rules as to what should be related to what, plus planned to also look at configuration rules. We also store some yield data for items but just a fraction of what people need. We have really struggled to source this data from the various manufacturers. Clients also need not just yield and warranty data but model discontinued data, target volumes etc. 

Our new plan is to source this data from clients that agree to share, check that at least X dealers have the same number and then update everyone. Juice to be the "Keepers" of the data, ensure it's accurate & update when not. This could include stats like Tech benchmark numbers, click trends, MNS as a % of total revenue. Need lots of feedback here!

6) With eAuto version 20.1 ECi rolled out Cogynytics, their Dashboard tool. We are working with ECi on some simple dashboards and may have some to show you but we really want feedback on where you want us to go.

7) We are extending our FM Audit alerts to focus on equipment on your network but not under contract with you. Could you have toner going in to models not under your service or let the rep know when a competitive device appears.

8) We have just rolled out a Contacts version of our De Dupe App, we can also make contacts inactive before they are merged. Could look at working on CRMs.

When you log in to our site there is an About section under your profile that lets us know what add on products you use and helps us know what to focus on. For example our clients use ConnectWise 3 times more than AutoTask so we are doing CW 1st but a bunch of you have not updated that, you can see numbers here.

Again please leave us feedback below or send an email to help@ceojuice.com and thanks in advance. Let us know if we should cover something basic before 10AM also.

Take a minute please and tell us which of the topics above you are most interested in, click here. See you in SLC!


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